Serve the World

(feat. Marybeth Saunders, Pamela Gerke, Timothy Kinsella, Meera Venkatesh,  Elizabeth Sanders, Robert Wade, Kartik Venkatesh & Betsy Tinney)

Fly Free

(feat. Kellianna, Anne Lieber Silverman, Amy Madden, Elizabeth Sanders, Tina Larken & Earthtones Choir)

  • Rise, Rise, Rise / Lift Me Up4:29
  • Dance With the Fire3:39
  • For the Children4:10
  • All My Relations4:41
  • Serve The World6:58
  • Susan's Divine Mother3:27
  • Fly Free5:02
  • Divine Mother5:28
  • Wake up and Choose5:24
  • Ready or Not3:47
  • Passion For Peace3:07

Rise, Rise, Rise / Lift Me Up

(feat. Pamela Gerke, Earthtones Choir, Anne Lieber Silverman, Darth Nielson, Betsy Tinney,  Marybeth Saunders, Geli Wuerzner, Simone Ladrumma & Claire Heile)

The Album

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From The Heart
Inspirational Music by Susan Chiat and Friends

divine Mother

(Susan Chiat Solo)

For the Children

(feat. Dawna Hammers, Gaylynn Thorton, Hilary Kissel, Kristen Ginsburg & Celeste Leeuw)

All My Relations

(feat. Brad Miller, Kathy Childers, Jerry Zu, Claire Heile, Stuart Monsma, Matt Neuman & Anne Lieber Silverman)

Dance With the Fire

(feat. Pamela Gerke, Earthtones Choir, Timothy Kinsella, Stuart Monsma & Darth Nielson)

Passion for Peace

(feat. Shawna Carol, Tom Cobb, Claire Heile, Mikaela Henderson, Dawna Hammers, Candance Free, Timothy Kinsella & Darth Nielson)

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Ready or Not

(feat. Elle Caldwell, Betsy Tinney & Timothy Kinsella)

Wake Up and Choose

(feat. Elle Caldwell, Amy Madden, Darth Nielson, Meera Venkatesh, Elizabeth Sanders, Geli Wuerzner, Betsy Tinney, Claire Heile & Timothy Kinsella):

Divine Mother

(feat. Amy Madden, Robert Wade, Elizabeth Sanders, Betsy Tinney, Geli Wuerzner, Marybeth Saunders & Anne Lieber Silverman)

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