Marybeth Saunders
Amy Madden
Darth Nielson
Meera Venkatesh
Claire Heile
Timothy Kinsella
Robert Wade

Kartik Venkatesh

​Candace Freeland

​Elizabeth Sanders

Matt Neuman

​​Stuart Monsma
The EarthTones Choir
Timothy Kinsella

​Tom Cobb


Thank you to all our friends
and your contributions to this beautiful collection.

Kellianna -

Betsy Tinney -

Dawna Hammers

Shawna Carol

Anne Lieber Silverman –

Elle Caldwell –

Geli Wuerzner –

Pamela Gerke –

Simone LaDrumma -

Tina Larken –

Brad Miller,  Jerry Zu,  Kathy Childs -

Executive Producer: Morning Star Productions/Ron McCabe

Co-Producer: Pamela Gerke

Album Art: Susan Chiat

Album Layout Concept: Claire Heile

Word Processing and Editing: Lucinda Diann

Album Photos: courtesy of Susan’s family and friends

Album Design and Graphics: The Corbenic Group

Special Appreciation and Thanks:

Ken Fordyce, Chief Engineer and Studio Director

and the crew at Mirror Sound Studio:

Lance Fohrenkam, Dylan Welsh,
Tyler Rath, and Eric Wolff


This album, except where noted, was recorded, mixed and mastered at:

Mirror Sound Studio

301 NE 191st St. Seattle, WA 98155



Passion for Peace – Recorded at SpiritSong Studio, Bedford MA, Lane Gibson Studio, and Mirror Sound Studio
For the Children – Recorded and Mixed at Lane Gibson Studio
Fly Free – Recorded at Up-Side-Sound Recording Studio and Mirror Sound Studio

And our deepest thanks and gratitude to all the wonderfully talented artists, singers, and musicians who contributed so generously to this album